Reconnecting With Old Friends

The older you get, the harder it is to not only make new friends but to keep old ones. You move to new cities, get new jobs, get married, and have kids. But more often than not, the friendship that would never die just slowly faded away. Suddenly you realize the last text you sent your friend was a mildly funny meme 4 years ago. What happened?

While you were out there crushing the career game and attempting to understand the world of dating apps, you and your BFF drifted out of touch. You found work friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and *gasp* new friends. It’s OK! People change. YOU’VE changed! You aren’t the same person you were at age 22. Think back to your 22-year-old self. Take as much cringe time as you need. Now you have student loan payments, a new back problem, and a potential gluten thing you aren’t convinced is a legit allergy or just your body telling you to lay off the carbs. You’ve finally grown into an actual real-life adult. And guess what. Your friend has too.

Long gone are her days of chasing blue raspberry Jell-O shots with the frat’s custom cocktail, “Gin Bucket.” While you were focused on you, she was growing into an amazing boss lady too. Her headshot pops up during one curiosity fueled LinkedIn browse. “Woah is she wearing a suit? Woah she’s a Sr. Financial Analyst!” You instantly feel a flood of pride and guilt rush over you. “I should have kept in touch more.”

Well LinkedIn loiterer, no time like the present. Dig deep in your contact list and shoot her a text! Did she get a new number after finally switching to an individual data plan? You are a Millennial. Bust out the social media-FB messenger, DM on Instagram, or go super formal and send a LinkedIn message. Send a quick, “Hey!!!,” and ask to meet up for coffee (because that’s what adults do right?).

It will be great to reconnect and talk about, “life after college.” It will be refreshing to hear that on paper your friend’s changed so much. She will probably think the exact same about you. However, underneath the suit and the letterpressed business card, chances are she’ll still want to share blue raspberry Jell-O shots with you. But for now, an overpriced latte in a crowded SoHo coffee shop is perfect.

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