Time to Break out the Leather

It’s happening people. Fall’s coming.

This means everything is amazing again and everyone is in a good mood. Fall is that glorious sliver of time between sweating to death in the summer and running around buying Christmas gifts for people you don’t even like (i.e. the PR Intern for your department’s Secret Santa. Can I just get her a bottle of Advil and a blue Gatorade? We all know that’s all she really needs. No? OK fine I’ll get a Starbucks gift card.)

Pumpkins, candles, and cider make me so happy but one of the best parts of fall is layers. OH MAN the joy of wearing layers again! Delicious layers. There is one layering option that stands out, one piece that everyone needs to own because it’s a classic. It’s a true wardrobe workhorse. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, the leather jacket.

If you don’t own one by now, you need to buy one and start breaking it in ASAP. Not down with leather? There are some quality vegan options out there that look and feel like the real thing. Personally, I love rich creamy leather but my bank account doesn’t. So for now, I am rocking a vegan jacket, but oh baby, I am rocking it hard.

If you can splurge on a true investment piece, I suggest any style from AllSaints. My pick of the liter is the Cargo Biker Jacket.


AllSaints’s jackets are iconic. They are made with insane craftsmanship and it shows. Touch any of these jackets and you can instantly tell that they are the not joking around. The Cargo has really nice quilting on the shoulders and back which makes it look extra special.

Pinching pennies but don’t want to sacrifice style? Try the Riders Jacket from Uniqlo.


This one is what I am actually wearing this year and so far so good! Is it as supple and delicious as a high-quality leather jacket from AllSaints? No, but it is cut really well, doesn’t squeak in the arms, and doesn’t feel like plastic so it works for me.

A leather jacket is non-negotiable. It can take you from “is it cold enough for this yet?” through “ugh should I switch over to my puffer?” It’s iconic, it’s badass, and it’s versatile. So forget the fleece and slip into some leather.





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