A Beauty Hack You Actually Need in Your Life

Before diving right into this amazing hack, let’s explore a brief history of everyone’s new favorite beauty product, setting powder.

Setting powders are applied to the face to set your makeup and to prevent shine.  They can have additional effects and finishes like matte, illuminating, or translucent. These products contain various ingredients but the key ingredient is either talc or silica.

Setting powders have become insanely popular recently and are now considered an everyday essential. Enter fan favorite, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Currently, on Sephora.com, it has almost 5k customer reviews and over 400k likes. Nuts. There are tons of others to choose from though as pretty much every makeup brand has their own version. Setting powders have even trickled down to drugstores, making the trend accessible for even beauty lovers on a budget.

How did we get to the point where everyone and their mother is using setting powder? Well, it all started with clowns. No joke. Clowns would vigorously apply talcum powder over cream face paint to set and seal their faces. It got the job done but after years of inhaling talcum powder, some retired clowns experienced a condition known as “Clown Lung.” Using setting powders was adopted by other stage performers like actors and drag queens (“ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage, Trixie Martel!”). That’s where YouTube comes in. Combine the skyrocketing popularity of drag culture with the recent obsession with beauty vloggers like Jeffree Star and Tati, and people everywhere learned how to “bake” a face with setting powders.

Now that you know more about setting powder than you ever needed to, what’s this magical beauty hack? Well, I’m bringing setting powder back to its clown roots with cream paint…lipstick!

I love a red lip. But dear God I hate the drama that comes with wearing it. It rubs off onto my teeth without fail. It recedes and fades into what looks like Tammy Fay Baker lip liner. It gets more applications in 8 hours than a Harvard Admissions Office. If it’s matte, your lips will feel like you were kissed by a Dementor.

But sometimes I just want to look like the boss lay-day and not have to deal with all that drama! Example. My Mum and I were getting all dressed up to go see Miss Saigon on Broadway and pretended to be glamorous ladies who totally do this all the time.  While putting on my makeup, I voted to go all in a rock a coral red lip. I know. I had just bought NYX Studio Finishing Powder and was feeling rebellious. I dabbed a bit over my lipstick and used a tissue to brush off the excess. My lips felt soft and secure. Could this actually work?

Cut to 5 hours later. I had completely forgotten I was wearing lipstick. I cringed and thought, “Oh God it’s going to look like a hot mess.” Nope. It hadn’t melted, faded or flaked at all. AT ALL. What?! So I’m officially doing this every time I put anything other than Burt’s Bees on my lips.

If you hate wearing lipstick because it’s too high maintenance, just “set it and forget it!”


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