Instagram Worthy Nails: Opal Effect

Unless you’ve had your head jammed in an Ostrich Pillow (Please don’t. Just don’t.) you know that nail art is trending. Nails have become the focus of beauty brands, vloggers, and social media addicts and there are 2 salons leading the pack-Paintbox in NYC and Olive & June in LA. Go check out their Instagram feeds for so nail envy/inspo.

Women are experimenting with nail art to add a hint of edge to their usual 9-5 gigs. There are various intensities to try from bolder than usual colors to stiletto shapes with hologram stained glass details like these.

Since I have a lifelong obsession with glitter, I love opal nails. They are super sparkly and use a white base so they look great with the glowing bronzed goddess skin we get in summer (even if it does come from a Duane Reade bottle-practice safe sun). Here’s what I do to create this effect.

Step 1: Apply a base coat.

Step 2: Apply 2-3 coats of opaque white polish.

Step 3: Apply a clear based polish with foil glitter. *Pro Tip: If you want a more concentrated amount of foil glitter, you can paint the polish on a cheap makeup sponge and dab that onto each nail. The sponge soaks up the polish so you are applying more glitter without a thick layer of clear polish turning your nail into the 100 layers of polish challenge.*

Step 4: Apply an iridescent glitter top coat to give the effect some added depth.

Step 5: After you have enough glitter to satisfy your addiction, you need to seal this all in. I recommend using a 2 coats of quick dry top coat like Seche Vite. Don’t forget to coat the tips to prevent any snagging of the glitter.

Try it with different base coat colors. Try multiple sizes of glitter. Get weird and just have fun with it.


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