Best Hair to Survive a Sweaty Summer

The 3 things I hate about summer in NYC:

  1. That oh so familiar rotted death stench that New Yorkers fear each year.
  2. Hearing about everyone’s epic travel plans while the only thing I can splurge on is an iced latte from La Colombe (It doesn’t compare to running into celebs in Italy but seriously those lattes will change your life).
  3. Instantly turning into a sweaty swamp monster the second I leave my apartment no matter how long I stood in front of my window AC unit.

Let’s tackle number 3 and focus on hair. I have been sweaty 24/7 since 4th grade and summer brings around a whole new layer of hell each year. I have a go to style that looks good even when your hair is soaked and no you did not just shower. That’s actually the beauty of this style, it actually works best with sweaty and gritty hair so here we go!

The 1/2 twisted crown bun (or “princess hair” as a girl a babysit for calls it) is my personal favorite for all summer long. It keeps hair off your forehead and neck to avoid hair cling (when your hair sticks to your sweaty skin and starts getting wet. Yum.) Also, the twist makes it a bit more special than a basic bun. You can do this style in the morning and wear it from that horrible 9am team meeting to happy hour margs without looking like a hot mess.

This may look like something from your private wedding inspo board on Pinterest titled, “fresh to death do us part” but trust me it’s super easy and takes about 45 seconds to finish.

  1. Start with dirty hair. Works best if it’s windswept, salty, or a bit greasy. Too greasy and it will just look stringy (and at that point just do what we all do and through that mane in and top knot and slick it back).
  2. Part hair to one side, if you don’t already do that.
  3. Think of this as a French braid style twist with 2 strands of hair. Starting right at the part, take two strands and twist them over each other. That becomes one stand and grab another section and twist those two together. You will keep twisting along the side to the back just about where you put a bun.
  4. Hold twisted hair and combine with untwisted hair into one low ponytail.
  5. Twist all hair together into a low bun and throw and elastic around it.

Now you can sweat the day away and not worry about what your hair is up to. Pro tip: if you are going to be in the sun, dab a bit of SPF on your part to prevent a burn (also helps to smooth out frizz)!

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