Tips from the Badass Co-founders of Coolhaus

In 2008 Natasha Case and Freya Estreller had an idea to create ice cream sandwiches. But what would set them apart from the standard summer time mass produced chipwich? These would be all natural (sorry yellow no. 40 lovers), artisanal, and sustainably made. Freya admitted, “I Googled ‘hipster ice cream’ and got nothing so I was like this is it, I found it!”

Here is some advice that the savvy duo offered any aspiring entrepreneur during a live talk hosted by OKReal.

“It’s a sprint and a marathon at the same time.” Case explained that you need to focus on the everyday tasks and priorities but also be able to take a step back and adjust to the bigger picture. It takes a lot of balancing that concept.

Do not get discouraged by the word no. Estella laughed as she recalled, “you are going to hear a lot of ‘no’ in business. And in business (not relationships!) ‘no’ means maybe.” Getting a “no” is not a shut door. Do not scrap your idea after hearing “no” once. Keep going back! If it’s a solid idea/product, people will get on board.

“I believe in a soft launch,” Case explained. With soft launches, you can test the waters and gauge people’s reactions to your idea before you have invested too much time and money.  Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are crucial tools for soft launches. You can get your idea out there and the best part is it’s free. Just remember to listen and adjust according to people’s reactions without losing sight of your original vision.

The biggest take away for any budding entrepreneur the women urged is to, “just get started,” and “go with your gut. Your gut is always right.”

To read more about Coolhaus’ origin story and to shop their treats, visit

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