Dating Apps Are Wicked Games

“If I get ghosted one more time I am going to lose it!”

I am 100% convinced that dating apps are no longer tools to help you meet potential partners.  They have become just another game on your phone with a very simple objective: get as many matches as you can.

I’ll admit that getting a new match notification is great but it is meant to be more than an Instagram like. You are supposed to do something after that notification. The apps have a 3 point process. 1-match 2-talk 3-meet. With this new trend, users are focusing on the first step and ignoring the rest. So now that these apps are quickly becoming totally useless, what the HELL is a single person supposed to do?

Get analog. Go out and talk to people! This removes the risk of being catfished and any matches would be based on an actual conversation, not just a right or left move. Now I know we have all become so dependent on our phones that we are all socially awkward and anxious, but get over it. Go to a bar. Go shop at a farmer’s market. Go to a corgi meet and greet in the park. Just get off the apps and go meet actual people. Oh and tell me how your date goes.

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